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"In Mexico, it's still easy to see the raw combination of cultures, indigenous & spanish (with traces of ancient eastern/arabic influences), that has inspired a very unique artistic heritage. Within this exciting mix are strong spiritual undercurrents. Deep down, flowing like the cool blue, underground waters of the cenote is a prehispanic river of knowledge. Meanwhile an equally strong spanish and mostly christian tradition runs warm and quick, closer to the surface.

 This dynamic of knowledge and spirit, influencing culture, can also be found in India where artistic expression and religious experience enrich each other.

 My contemplation of this rich Mexican heritage for many years, after spending an equal amount of time studying and working in India, has ignited a fusion within a lifetime of diverse art and religious experiences from different cultures and has opened the way for a whole new artistic approach for me."

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Born and raised in Australia, I´ve been a full time professional artist for 40 years in Australia, India, USA. I have my studio now in Mexico where I have lived since 2006. I have exhibited in USA and in the last few years in France. My paintings are in private collections worldwide through a select international network and a large number of my earlier works are with the SYDA Foundation NY, USA.

An important part of my story is that in 2001 I basically severed my painting hand in an accident! Plastic surgeons told me I wouldn't get use of it back but within a year, miraculously, I was back painting and drawing with it but in a new way. As a result of the trauma a deep, liberating change had taken place in my art that has been evolving ever since.

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Shane Conroy. Born Australia 1953. Dual USA ,Australian Citizenship.

Currently, I live and work in Malinalco, Mexico since moving there in 2006 after 25 years in USA.   Facebook   instagram   Facetime   Viber   Skype  cell 521 55 1956 6192


Assoc. Diploma of Art, RMIT Melbourne Australia 1973.
Continuing studies in Fine Arts, painting and drawing 1995-2000: National Academy NYC, New York Academy School of figurative Arts, Art Students League NYC, Florence Academy of Art, Italy.


"Sacred Art" Montreux, Switzerland. 2004

"Message for 2005" Montreux, Switzerland. 2005

"Water" Saint-Gervais, Le Fayet, France. 2006

"The Pure State Within" Saint Gervais, France. 2007

"Urgent: Vivre!" Saint Gervais, France. 2009

"Ponts" Le Palace de Papes, Avignon, France 2010

"Sagesses" Saint Gervais, France. 2013

"Liberations" Saint Gervais, France. 2014

"Sagesses 2" France. 2016

"LÁutre. The Other" Saint Gervais, France 2017


works are held in private collections in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland,  Australia, NZ, and India.


2003 Guest lecturer "A Personal Exploration of Art & Spirituality" SYDA Foundation NY, USA.
2005 Guest Lecturer "Ways of Expressing Spirituality through Art" SYD Mexico, Cultural Arts Organization, Mexico City.
2015 Guest Lecturer " Art and Architecture of The Sun Temple, Konark, India, and it´s hidden symbols." SYDA Foundation. NY, USA.


In 1979 for three months with grant monies I studied the Renaissance in Italy under the supervision of Ivo Bomba, lecturer at the Accademia di Belle Arte, Rome. It inspired my return to further studies in academic painting and drawing on my return to New York. I have spent over 40 years studying Indian Yogic teachings and practices and in 1999 and 2000, with arts grants, I traveled extensively around India meeting artists, architects and craftspeople looking at the ways the religion is expressed through the culture.

In 2003 with private funding I continued these Indian studies into the Balinese Hindu culture.

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Italy 1997
studying in Florence
sketch from life in the Galleria dell Accademia, Florence
Sketches from the Bargello Museum, Florence


The Renaissance was a great outpouring of spiritual feeling through the arts. I wanted to experience that flame of passion and knowing that much of the art is still in place I went to Italy intending to immerse myself totally in a creative fire still warm after 5 centuries. My Professor friend,  Ivo Bomba set up an intense study course for me and at the end of each day, after viewing and sketching, we spent hours in discussion and review. Ivo is a walking enciclopedia of art and well connected in the art world. He got me into magical private places like some back rooms in the Vatican decorated with beautiful murals. I even found myself in the Sistine Chapel on my own!

studying ancient aesthetic principles
at the Taj Mahal
Block Print makers in the Kutch
2001 studying textiles in Bhuj, near the Pakistan border in 2001 a week before it was devasted by an
PALITANA, India. A massive Jain temple complex that I sketched.
sketch on location in South India


India is a most diverse, rich and ancient of cultures inspired by a deep spiritual dimension. I set out to experience this in all its manifestations. It is an endless source of ideas for artists and with my background in yoga and meditation it has had a deep influence on my painting. I was fortunate to meet with artists who are direct decendents and last surviving practicioners in artistic lineages going back in some cases over 800 years.

All the arts in Bali are integrated and informed by an ancient knowledge
Crafts reflect ancient beliefs
Music is used to teach and sustain timeless knowledge
Finding universal stories in Bali culture


I continue to look for the ways  spiritual inspiration expresses itself through all the arts in different cultures. I´m especially interested in the language of symbols, their meaning and use. In Bali the forms are endless and encompass all facets of life. I met with artists, craftsmen and women, actors, dancers, singers and storytellers, architects and garden designers. At all levels from the professional to the ordinary village homeowner there is a deep understanding and respect for a spiritual aesthetic in keeping with the ancient scriptures. For artists there is a dynamic unity in Bali culture that is admirable and worth understanding.

In my Mexico studio
sculpting frames
working with traditional craftsmen
India, Mexico and European ideas
three traditions
Healing my painting hand after an accident


Mexico is a rich artistic resource. The ancient prehispanic cultures evolved a language of symbols and elaborate graphic styles inspired by deep understanding about the nature of the world and the inner life of humanity. It is in complete harmony with the ancient knowledge of the eastern cultures. I´m at home in this artful environment and enjoy exploring this endless terrain. It is helping me understand my life of diverse experiences in new ways and is stimulating new images in my art.

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"(The ancient vedic word) Rta connotes a universal quality in which different elements fit together in a balanced structured way.The word rta literally means ´that which has moved´in a fitting manner. It thus suggests both a correctness or smooth compatibility of things as well as the principle of balance and integrity that gives the foundation to that compatibility...the word rta is a distant relative of the english rite and thus ritual...also of the english harmony as well as of art and thus artful."

from the introduction to The Artful Universe

by Professor William K. Mahony, SUNY Press.

In my art, through long study and contemplation, Im endeavoring to create a harmonious order out of a seemingly chaotic world. Using many diverse elements I look for ways to fit things together into an artistic wholeness in order to support the brilliant energy we all share rather than contribute to fracturing forces that want to pull us apart.

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521 55 1956 6192

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